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The future is now! Join Doc Brown and Marty McFly as they journey through time for one last epic adventure. Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd return in this brand new trailer for Back to the Future Part 4.Yes this is a FAN TRAILER. It means its FAKE. I had a lot of fun creating this one as there is so much fantastic footage available and Ive always been such a huge fan of the series. I would love a Back to the Future sequel, possibly a reboot with cameos from the original films. Footage used in in this trailer includesGambino Commercials feat. Doc Brown (2011)SignsLego Dimensions CommercialMy Mothers Future HusbandThe HeatScary Movie 5The Michael J Fox ShowGE Back To the Future CommercialJurassic ParkKing KongPirates of the CaribbeanNike CommercialBrazil Mitsubishi Lancer Car CommercialScream Awards 2010IGN April Fools Day PrankVoiceover provided by ChuckFresh on Fiverr

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