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Swords & Sorcery teaser

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DW Bradley was working with Westwood to create a game called Swords & Sorcery. Long story short, DW Bradley and Heuristic Park broke off from Westwood and released the game as Wizards & Warriors. Here is a teaser w...

Scots Language Primer #8

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In this short, John explains the meaning of the word prochlin. We also visit a typically Scottish wishing well or fountain.

9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon

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Pentagon admits $2.3 Trillion missing and Rumsfeld calls it a matter of life and death.

Scots Language Primer #2

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John gives an explanation of the term gorglin and a visual representation of someone who has grown tired of being gorglit.

Was Ist Mechatronik? Film für Studieninteressierte der HS KA

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Was ist Mechatronik? Ein Informationsfilm für Studieninteressierte und Schüler, realisiert in einem Projekt an der HS Karlsruhe.Inhalt: Begriffsdefinition und Schwerpunkte an der HS Karlsruhe.mehr infos: www.hs-k...

The United States Department of Defense-Intro

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The introduction for my social studies project (not done yet).

Army Strong

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This video unveils the new Army Strong campaign.

Prince Fielder Home Run

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Prince Fielder hitting a home run against the Cleveland Indians

zombie gems friends

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a video for my friends =]

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