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Chuck Hagel comments on Iraq resolution: 01.24.07

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The last honest Republican does the right thing

Arnold Schwarzenegger training

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Arnold...pumping ironMusic: 1. Dimmu Borgir - Master of Disharmony (YES, it really is!!! From split CD with Old Man´s Child)2. The Wicked - Ordo Malleus3. Tidfall - Soil of Tomorrow

Joe Lieberman gets ripped apart by Chuck Hagel on MTP

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A Republican does something that the Democrats refuse to do...put Holy Joe Lieberman in his place.Read more about Geogr Bushs favorite senator at ConnecticutBLOG.http://connecticutblog.blogspot.comDont look at me...

U.S. President Ronald Reagan assassination attempt.

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Divine providence.

The pentagon was not hit by a airliner. See for yourself

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The math is so simple a second grader could do it. There is no way an airliner fit through the hole that was left in the pentagon on September 11th