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Reality by Richard Sanderson — La Boum

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La Boum

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops +

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We all know that Konami doesnt cut corners with Metal Gear expansions (MGS2: Substance, MGS3: Subsistence), and it seems that Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops+ will follow suit. New stages, new soldiers, new gameplay ...

Mad Max 2 — The Uncut Arrow Scene

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This is a uncensored clip taken from the R rated 1983 Australian VHS tape of Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior). As of 2007 this is the only release of Mad Max 2 in its original uncut form. This scene was one of th...

Tales of Legendia — Run Away

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If you have audio errors, please watch it in HQ: to 22peach22 for letting me know =).This is a parody of the zelos vs senel skit from the Lemon Gumi dvds, go here to wa...

9/11/01 — CNN Live Coverage Pentagon Attack

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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: 1. I no longer have these videos saved for personal download, sorry. 2. I have posted these videos as a testament to the events of 9-11-01. I understand that people have differing opin...

Female Soldiers In The Iraq War Zone

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A short tribute to the brave American female soldiers who serve our country.

Tales of Rebirth (subbed) Claire Side Part 6: The Dark Wings

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Everyones favorite trio makes their first appearance in this segment. I had a bit of trouble thinking of a translation for Drumbs lines, so he ended up sounding like an islander after I was through with him. I went...