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Greatest Poker Playing Dog — Jilli Dog!

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NEW Jilli Dog Video featuring Jilli, the cutest Yorkshire Terrier ever to play Poker. Jilli takes her trainer, Rick Caran to the cleaners.This is a new video of this talented little Yorkie, The worlds only Poker pl...

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus — Stun Knife

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The Stun Knife!This is old news - I figured this out about a month ago. People still didnt believe me that i could use it in SP.Visit my YouTube profile to see YOU can do this yourself.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves — scene/clip

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In this scene Robin rallies the destitute peasants of Nottingham to take a stand against the tyrannical Sheriff who has destroyed many of their homes and taxed them to the point of starvation.

Tales of Rebirth Enhance and Inherit Tutorial

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EDIT: Sorry, had to make a couple of small corrections so thats why I took down the first one. Also, the Faulty equipment is probably supposed to be Forte instead, I cant translate Katakana for the life of me. O_oS...

Camp Panda Ops: Mockumentary

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Subscribe to us to get the latest Cpo Updates!After about a month of nothing happening within the camp, Raikov gets news that Channel 3s newsstation is interested in the camp members thoughts on the new ssoldiers a...

Tales of Rebirth Cooking Tutorial

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Quick summary of whats in here:Basic controlsObtaining IngredientsFood Tickets, Farm Fresh Groceries, and the Magical PotToppings and Added Cooking EffectsSecret FactorsTranslations for all 24 recipesI would highly...

US Navy Ship Tour

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A short walk around the US Navy ship USS John S. McCain (DDG-56) in 2002. No Classified Information. *See the full video at

Enter the Fat Dragon — Sammo Hung vs Bruce Lee impersonator

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A clip from the movie Enter the Fat Dragon, featuring the amazing Sammo Hung. This shows how he is the ultimate Bruce Lee impersonator himself.

Crash of the Titans Spoof Parody

233 Просмотры0 Комментарии presents:Crash Bandicoot in Cortexs Castle Spoof Parody.This is just parody i hope you like it we spend much time on it.Hope you like the humour.Enjoy!

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