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BraveHeart: Liberté !

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Magnifique instant ! Magnifique. Braveheart, une légende aussi grande que Mel Gibson !

Crash Bandicoot XS Snow levels music

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Snow levels ( Frostbite Cavern, Snow Crash, Snow Job ) My record

Crash Bandicoot XS Jungle lewels music

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Jungle levels music ( Jungle Jam, Temple of Boom, Ruined, Down the Hole )My record.

Crash Bandicoot 2 — 100% Walkthrough, Part 1: Turtle Woods

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Ok, heres another Crash Bandicoot game for you all. It should be mentioned that I have only beaten this game once and Ive never gotten 100% before, so this should be fun.Already on the first level, there is a color...

Tales of Rebirth Skills and Ougi Exhibition: Annie

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ERROR ALERT! (I should say another error, actually...) Contrary to what I put in the vid, there is no limit on how many times your can use Rise Elixir. I misinterpreted the sentence structure of one of the lines in...

2012 Pole Shift — Mayan and I Ching prediction

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The final event that will occur on December 21, 2012 will be at 11:12 GMT. Its a phenomenon that the Mayans referred to as the Sacred Tree and it happens every 25,800 years. At that time our Sun will line up dire...

Spot Officinema — La bottega dei mestieri

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Il presidente della Cineteca di Bologna, Giuseppe Bertolucci presenta la prima edizione di Officinema. La bottega dei mestieri.

Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries HUNK theme

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Last of the Mohicans Theme-irish dancing

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