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Ancient Methods . Turn Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams HANDS V071www.handsproductions.com/mailorder.aspWith pleasure and pride, HANDS release this four-track vinyl EP by the much talked-about Berlin-based DJ and producer Michael Wollenhaupt aka Ancient Methods – a rare pleasure for sure. Adding to the trademark metallic samples, sturdy beats and keen riffs a good share of experimental attitude, this further pushes the Ancient Methods sound and yields 25 absorbing, sometimes psychic minutes. The limited Edition of 200 copies includes a handnumbered art print on heavy carton and is exclusively available at HANDS.“Turn Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams” starts with a bid for the dance floor — the heavy, repetitive industrial groove of “Guided by the Force of Compassion”, followed by the less casual “Protection had to be Given”, also decidedly physical in its use of a deep and daring bass line.“This is all I Could do” then makes leeway into more solitary waters, a sublime combination of slow, stumbling beats, eerie vocal samples and a woeful melody creeping in. “My Ice Baby” is a new, even colder version of the provoking contribution to the Forms Of Hands 15 compilation, grinding off beats, a whirr and a buzz and a glorious vocal delivery.Michael Wollenhaupt has released only about one EP a year since 2007 and built a devoted following from that, and “Turn Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams” again shows why – perfectly crafted, timeless, defying trends and expectations, this is a fascinating and unique musical universe.

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