Box office action superstars Sylvester Stallone (Cliffhanger, Rocky & Rambo film series) and Wesley Snipes (Passenger 57, Rising Sun) star as a Los Angeles policeman and his ruthless nemesis in this epic action-packed adventure about their obsessive pursuit and war of vengeance from 1996 — when they are sentenced to frozen incarceration as inmates of a futuristic penitentiary — into 2032 when they re-enter a bewildering and pacifist society. Breaking box office records as the biggest fall opening in history, this film is laced with juicy social satire [and] absurdist humor (The Hollywood Reporter) and has been called the most entertaining futuristic action film since the original Terminator (People Magazine). Co-starring Sandra Bullock (Wrestling Ernest Hemingway), Rob Schneider (Saturday Night Live) and stand-up comic Denis Leary.

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