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Crusader Kings 2 True History 8 Passive Lets Play

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Welcome to ShenPlays Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 in observe mode, where the game plays itself and we watch the world develop!Playlist: ☑ Viewed? ☐ Liked? ☐ Sub...

Europa Universalis IV — Developer Walkthrough

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Thomas Johansson, project lead for Europa Universalis IV shows off this new game from Paradox Interactive.Follow Europa Universalis IV at! Site - http://...

Europa Universalis IV #00 — Elysian Empire [Custom Nation]

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Europa Universalis IV is now at version 1.10 with the El Dorado expansion - and we can create a custom nation. The Elysian Empire will rule all!Support me over at if you want.If ...

Europa Universalis 4 Tutorial, Part 2 — Basic Economy.

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In this episode we look at the basics of the Europa Universalis 4 economy, tax, production and trade.

Learning Europa Universalis 4 from Civilization 5: Tutorial/Guide — How to Start!

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As a huge Civilization 5 player, transitioning over to Europa Universalis 4 was a tough challenge. The interface and the amount of depth within each mechanic made the game extremely intimidating. My hopes with this...

Europa Universalis IV — Byzantium Start Guide [1.9.2] Ironman

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Instructional guide to defeating the Ottomans as the Byzantine Empire from a veteran Europa Universalis player. Restore all your cores and set yourself up for the restoration of the Byzantine or Roman Empire follow...

Europa Universalis IV Spectactor Timelapse

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A quick timelapse view of an ahistoric Europe from 1444 to 1616 in Europa Universalis IV. Poor Castile, never managed to form Spain.Update: this is how the video was made:- I started a brand new game (as any nation...

Lets Play Europa Universalis 4 Revoking the Privilegia speedrun 1

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My First Lets play.This doesnt work anymore as of the latest patch.

Lets Play Europa Universalis 4 Revoking the Privilegia speedrun 2

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My first Lets play

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