ERROR ALERT! (I should say another error, actually…) Contrary to what I put in the vid, there is no limit on how many times your can use Rise Elixir. I misinterpreted the sentence structure of one of the lines in the guide, so my mistake. I have a ton of things to fix for this one when I finally get around to doing that…O_oOkey dokey, its Annies turn: 8 Skills and 12 Ougis! There are only 12 Ougis since they had to leave out the ones that would have incompatible elements thrown together(e.g. Fire and Water). I added a short tutorial to the beginning, so hope its informative and all. And now, a language lesson courtesy of our European correspondents, LittleLinor and RyuHiroshi (thanks you two!):Ill start with the corrections first. Annies second Skill is supposed to be Guard Wasser, not Guard Vassar, and her fourth Skill is actually Resist Wille, not Resist Vile. Power Craft is supposed to be spelled Power Kraft as well. So sorry for mutilating the German language (especially if you happen to be reading this, Spun)!Anyway, most of Annies Skills contain German words. KRAFT means power, WASSER is water, GEIST is spirit, WILLE is will, REGEN means rain, and LEBEN means life. Wow, and suddenly everything makes sense now. =PI tried getting examples of some of the effects of her Ougis, but it just wasnt working out so any Ougis that would have required me to attack the enemy simply have a textual description. Reason being is because Im using my current save to do this, and Double Damage from the Grade Shop + really overleveled characters means that I kept killing the enemies by accident. Also, it was getting on my nerves trying to switch characters and hit the enemies in the 2 seconds that it is raining for a couple of them. Plus I was worried about the length too because this was originally 9 minutes long since I kept getting hit. So, um, sorry, but enjoy! ^^

happy wheels 2 demo



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